Zertifizierungen durch die SAP SE

Die nachfolgenden Produkte wurden innerhalb eines externen Prüfungsverfahrens
von der SAP SE in 2010/2011/2014 zertifiziert:

1. Zertifizierung der Software CT-BW Analyzer & Docu 3.0

CT Software_SAP_eCertificate

Zertifikat CT-BW Analyzer & Docu

Certified Functions:

  • Connect to SAP BW system
  • Read SAP BW objects metadata
  • Generate BW object documentation with automatic data flow details
  • Create and archives snapshots of BW metadata model
  • Analysis and documentation of single BW objects
  • Solution Manager Ready Functionality
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2. Zertifizierung der Software CT-Test & Optimizer 2.0

Zertifikat CT-Test&Optimizer

Certified Functions:

  • Import of ABAP runtime trace data
  • Automated visualization of executed ABAP code
  • Mark processed steps in diagram
  • Analysis of processed time
  • Show critical process path
  • Generate process documentation using templates
  • SAP Solution Manager Ready

3. Zertifizierung der Software CT-Codeview & Analyzer 3.0

Zertifikat CT-Codeview&Analyzer

Certified Functions:

  • Generate diagrams for ABAP programs, Classes, Function Modules
  • Generate flowcharts for ABAP Code
  • Generate UML diagrams for ABAP Classes
  • Generate relationship diagram between different ABAP objects
  • Documentation of diagram elements
  • View ABAP Code
  • SAP Solution Manager Ready

4. Zertifizierung der Software CT-Debug & Trace_Modul 4.0

SAP Zertifikat – CT-Debug&Trace Module

Certified Functions:

  • Debugging of ABAP Code for program or transaction
  • Trace recording of the processed ABAP® commands and variables
  • Advanced forward/backward stepping through proceeded coding
  • Online/Offline debugging
  • Interactive list reports of call hierarchy and recorded variables
  • Export recorded trace to test & optimizer (for automated graphic program flow)
  • SAP Solution Manager Ready

5. Zertifizierung der Software CT-Assist 7.1

SAP Zertifikat – CT Assist 7.1

Certified Functions:

  • View and edit ABAP Code (with code completion)
  • Analysis of ABAP Code and provide report
  • Generate program flowchart for ABAP program
  • Generate program flowlogic diagram of ABAP Code (if/then/else…)
  • Generate UML Class diagram of ABAP Class
  • Generate Entity-Relationship diagram of DDIC Tables
  • Generate program documentation in HTML, HTML HELP and Word®
  • SAP Solution Manager Ready